hey cutie patootie! I'm so glad you're here and grateful that you've stopped by to check out my lil businesses. I'm alyssum and I am the crazy fangirl maker behind the brand! I love all things silly, colourful and joyful and I strive to bring that to you in the form of wearable sweet things. I hand-draw and hand-make almost everything you see on this site, and to answer the most frequently asked question at markets, it does take me a long time but I love it.
I started making earrings in 2021 with polymer clay just for fun and for friends and family. I highly recommend it as a mental health hobby, it takes a lot of concentration and is super hands on. then when I needed a career change I decided to turn the hobby into a business! I now also work with acrylic because I like being able to create the exact silly little idea in my head.
sometimes twiggy and david help me out and you might be very lucky to see them pop up from time to time. 

here's the official blurby bit:
Alyssum makes polymer clay and acrylic statement earrings to bring joy and colour to every outfit. She makes her earrings so the wearers feel bright, confident and as gorgeous as they are. Each earring is handcrafted and unique, just like the beautiful people who wear them. All earrings are made with surgical stainless steel and are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting for everyday wear.